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Veterinary professionals and educators around the world

love the BradyCare approach

Very clearly done

I actually learnt some things (didn’t know why to break it from the side to the middle, just always did it that way and didn’t know “stuff can lie on top of the ligament” either) – Something I can pass on to students when I teach. Really well done.

David, experienced veterinary educator, UK

It looks amazing

Very clear and easy to understand and I love the practical exercise! I would definitely like to sign our New Graduates up to this, I think it is really helpful.
Excellent job!

Louise, Head surgeon, UK

Super well done

Every vet should do the whole program! So perfectly simple and visual. You just don’t forget it again!

Kerstin, Experienced Veterinarian, Germany

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Welcome to BradyCare

What do we do?

We’re dedicated to empowering animal welfare education worldwide. We help connect what you learn in books to what happens in real life.

This helps you understand things more deeply and make your own decisions. We’re building a kinder, caring way of learning that’s built just for you.

Black dog in the arms of a vet.

“BradyCare is an amazing charity helping veterinarians worldwide. The courses and videos are incredibly detailed, the practical exercises are ingenious. I am so impressed and thrilled to be a patron of BradyCare, this charity will help countless veterinarians and animals in their care.”

Dr Theresa (Terry) Fossum DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACVS

Patron of BradyCare

Small animal surgery
Group of vets looking after canine patient

Our Vision

At BradyCare, we dream of a world where everyone working with animals feels as happy as a successfully re-homed dog.

We believe in making sure both animals, and the people who care for them are free from fear and stress, and have everything they need to be healthy and happy. Together we can make an enormous difference to animal welfare.

What Drives Us

Our Mission


At BradyCare, our mission is grounded in our commitment to prevent and reduce unnecessary animal suffering.

We extend our passion for compassion beyond the animals to the dedicated individuals who care for them. We strengthen, support, and empower these key stakeholders in animal welfare.

Through our holistic approach, which encompasses the physical and mental well-being of all species, we embrace the One Health concept, creating a brighter future for all.

“Our approach feels light and empowering yet it is grounded in scientific educational principles and decades of experience.”

Dr Ursula Goetz

Founder of BradyCare

Get Involved

We are a global non-profit organisation and rely on people like you to help us make a sustainable change in animal welfare. We greatly appreciate every donation.

Thank you for your support.

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