About Us
What is BradyCare?

BradyCare is the place where people who work with animals can find a relaxed environment to grow their skills

Our approach

Who is Brady?

Brady the cat

Brady was a beautiful cat who came to an animal shelter after his loving owner passed away. Totally traumatised, scared and unable to cope he felt everybody was an enemy and attacked even the people who wanted to help him. BradyCare founder Ursula was able to provide him with a calm environment. She says:

“I felt, I understood him. We all have been at a point in our lives, where stress and fear or trauma prevent us from being ourselves.
In those times we are not our best selves and it prevents us from growing and developing.”

With time and patience, Brady relaxed and became the most loving and gentle cat.

In his memory, we founded BradyCare.

A place where people who work with animals find an environment to relax, grow their skills and find back to the roots of why we joined  this profession in the first place:

“Our purpose to contribute towards improving animals’ lives.”

international cat care logo

“I’ve just done the suspensory ligament course – brilliant! It feels like a Futurelearn course – small bite sized pieces and progressing at your own pace. I think this will be incredibly helpful and a really good way of training vets to do this vital surgery.”

Vicky Halls, Head of Unowned Cats, International Cat Care, UK

Why BradyCare?

How it began

Our founding team come from different backgrounds, but our love for animals and our desire to make a real difference unite us.

We know from our experiences, that those who care for animals do not always receive the support and learning opportunities they need to fulfil their role. We understand that despite their dedication, many animal care professionals are overworked, and overwhelmed. Many of us also face challenges accessing high-quality education.

Our approach

At BradyCare, we’re driven by the belief that helping others is not just about teaching them, but also about creating a supportive and collaborative environment for their growth – both as professionals and individuals.

Our online learning platform provides interactive courses and training sessions that are tailored to meet the needs of vets, students, and animal welfare groups. Our approach is hands-on and practical, ensuring that all our participants are equipped with valuable skills they can apply in real-life scenarios.

One Health

We are passionate believers in the One Health concept. We understand that the well-being of humans, animals, and the environment are all intertwined and we strive to ensure that all three are healthy and thriving.

Our goal is to create a brighter future for all by promoting the physical and mental health of animals and the people who care for them. We are committed to improving animal welfare worldwide and to inspiring others to join us in this mission.


Our People

Our team of passionate veterinary professionals, educators, and animal lovers are united in our mission to enhance animal welfare worldwide. Through our diverse experiences and perspectives, we create engaging content that resonates with veterinarians and animal welfare groups across the globe.

Ursula Goetz

Dr Ursula Goetz

Dr Ursula Goetz, MRCVS, FHEA, PGCert Vet Ed, GPCert (SAS) Ursula’s heart has always been in animal welfare she does not remember ever having made the decision to become a vet as it was always clear ever since she was little. Ursula’s inspiration for BradyCare draws from the wisdom of two great minds. The Dalai Lama’s words, ‘If you think you are too small to make a difference, try to sleep with a mosquito,’ inspire her to believe in the power of even the smallest actions for positive change. Einstein’s insight, ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you haven’t understood it well enough,’ drives her pursuit of clarity and simplicity. These quotes guide her on the BradyCare journey, making a meaningful impact for animals and people alike.

Jesper Schmidt

Jesper Schmidt

Co-founder and board member

Compassion towards all beings and improving animal welfare is high on Jespers agenda. He fights climate challenges through innovative green tech business development

Shailen Jasani

Shailen Jasani

Board member

Shailen is a distinguished veterinary surgeon with over two decades of experience in Emergency and Critical Care. A Cambridge alumnus, he earned Board-certification in his specialty and has been a dedicated mentor and educator, even authoring a book on emergency medicine for pets. In 2014, he founded The Ralph Veterinary Referral Centre, the UK’s largest independent multidisciplinary veterinary hospital, which now employs over 230 Ralphers. Beyond his clinical ventures, Shailen also founded The Ralph Site for pet bereavement support and co-founded both the Veterinary Vegan Network and Ethical Globe.


When will I be able to do the whole bitch spay course?

Launch for the bitch spay module is scheduled for spring 2024.

How long will the bitch spay module take?

The Bitch spay module will be about 3.5 hours of CPD.

In my country we have not learnt all the Latin terminology will I be able to understand the course?

Yes, we will have a glossary, which will explain all the Latin terminology.

Will the courses have subtitles?

Yes, BradyCare will have subtitles in the courses which you can switch on or off.

Will I get a certificate once I have done the course?

Yes, you have the option to receive certification if you pass all quizzes.

Do I have to do all the quizzes?

No, you can opt not to do the quizzes, however certification is only given to participants who have passed the quizzes.

Is certification important other than for CPD?

Yes, the certificate will enable you to apply for a practical course in a BradyCare certified clinic, if you would like this please sign up for the newsletter where we will keep you informed and updated.

My English is not so good will BradyCare be available in different languages?

Yes, BradyCare will be available in different languages, if you want to know if your language is covered please get in touch via the website.

Are the courses free?

No. There will be a fee associated with the courses, however we are trying to keep membership fees low and fair.

Has BradyCare other modules?

Yes, BradyCare has currently planned a further 9 modules like bitch spay complications, castration and complications as well as many other modules all focusing on animal welfare.