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How is BradyCare different?

Focus on the ‘why’

Instead of just teaching you how to do things, we focus on helping our students understand why we make specific decisions during surgery.

We encourage you to think about the pros and cons of different techniques. This helps people understand things more deeply so they feel empowered and confident to make their own decisions during surgery.

Guided by science

Everything we do is guided by solid science and a lot of practical experience. That’s one of the reasons why vets, charities, and schools all over the world trust us.

Throughout our courses, we reference relevant research papers and provide links so our students can develop a deeper understanding of each topic.

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The BradyCare Approach


Insight and Impact

With over 20 years of international teaching experience and having worked with people from more than 30 countries, we possess an in-depth understanding of the veterinary education needs across diverse cultures and situations. Our platform is specifically designed to meet these requirements and is geared towards bringing a positive impact on animal welfare worldwide.


Comprehensive Coverage

Our platform addresses surgical principles in soft tissue surgery as well as common challenges. It’s the first platform to provide a holistic solution to these challenges, leading to improved practices and outcomes in animal welfare.

We go beyond theory to enable hands-on practice that anyone can do using everyday household objects.


Educating Responsibly

We promote the responsible use of antibiotics and other drugs, acknowledging and responding to the global threat of antibiotic resistance.

Our courses reinforce the principle that gold-standard care needn’t be expensive, making high-quality veterinary education accessible to all.


Building a Community

We’re not just about helping individuals learn; we’re about building a community.

We help vets get to know each other, creating a global community of vets with shared knowledge, experiences, and goals.


Engaging & Inclusive

Learning today needs to be fun and interactive. Our platform uses the latest digital tools to make learning immersive.

We’ve got videos, interactive quizzes, and storytelling techniques that cater to all kinds of learners, including those who learn a bit differently.


Personalised Learning

Our platform gives each learner a unique experience, with content that’s relevant to them.

We do this with scenarios that change based on the learner’s answers, creating a unique learning path for everyone.



Our content isn’t just full of images and interactivity, it’s also in multiple languages, making it accessible to vets all over the world.


Resource Hub

We’ve collected approved and recognised resources in one place, giving you a powerful collection of information and learning materials that you can access and refer to easily.

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