At the end of April, Dr. Ursula Goetz returned from her 16th visit to the beautiful country of Georgia, and this time was the first time she went with her newly established charity BradyCare.

Dr. Ursula was formerly the head veterinarian of Mayhew, a UK registered small animal charity, which started its outreach program in Georgia about ten years ago with the goal to train veterinarians at the university and municipality to help manage the street dog population.Over her travels to Georgia, Dr. Ursula continued to train veterinarians and veterinary students.

During her April 22-27, 2024 trip to Georgia, Dr. Ursula went to support and train the now established Mayhew Georgia organisation and introduced BradyCare at the university. It was fantastic to see how the Mayhew Georgia team has grown and adheres to the highest standard of care.

It is such a delight to see how many veterinarians are now working in Georgia to help the stray dogs and cats.

“What stunned me so many years ago, when I first went to Georgia was a comment of one of the students at the time. He said: You have something that none of us Georgian vets have and that is pride in doing what you do. I want that for our country, I want myself and my colleagues to be proud of what we do. Being a vet here is not a reputable job! I have never seen a vet like you!”

Dr. Ursula Goetz (BradyCare Co-founder)

This time I met this same former veterinary student again, who is now an established veterinarian, and asked: “How do you feel about being a vet?”

His big grin said it all: “I am proud to be a vet and I love helping so many animals, I know I do a good job because I had your great training, I will continue to help the animals here and improve our professional reputation.



This is why I founded BradyCare- to help people feel empowered and proud and create a strong network of professionals with focus on a high standard veterinary care combined with a passion for compassion…. isn’t that why we chose this profession? Because we care? Lets come back to those roots and feel good factors.”

Learn more about why Dr. Ursula started BradyCare here

10 Facts About Georgia

  1. Georgia was the birthplace of wine
  2. Georgia has one of the earliest prehistoric settlements in Europe, from 1.8 million years ago
  3. Georgian hospitality is legendary and a lifestyle, as guests are considered a blessing
  4. A Georgian “Supra” (literally translated to tablecloth) is a traditional Georgian feast for only a few visitors and is an important part of their culture
  5. During the Supra, the toastmaster or “tamada” is a time-honoured tradition as Supras revolve around toasts
  6. After the toast don’t say cheers instead say “Gaumaarjos!”
  7. The world’s deepest cave is in Georgia- Veryovkina Cave is more than 1.3 miles deep!
  8. The Caucaus Mountains has Europe’s highest mountain peak – Mt. Ebrus
  9. The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, means a “warm place”
  10. There are an estimated 35,000-60,000 stray dogs or more in Tbilsi

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