On 7 March 2024, BradyCare became an EU Dog & Cat Alliance Member!

What is the EU Dog & Cat Alliance?

“The Alliance currently represents over 90 organisations across the EU. Together we are working to improve companion animal welfare and build a better Europe for dogs and cats.”

EU Dog & Cat Alliannce 

They work to:

    • Lobby the EU and improve companion animal legislation in the EU

    • Work with key stakeholders and organisations to improve animal welfare within the EU

    • Be a platform for their members to share dog and cat welfare issues

    • Produce reports and briefings to support their position

To learn more about their work click here.

Why is this membership so important to us?

Being involved in what happens in the animal welfare front in Europe shows that BradyCare is at the forefront of animal welfare, is involved with current events and like-minded organisations.

In the EU currently, there is limited legislation to protect dogs and cats, so by being a member, we have access to different national legislation tools, collaborative lobbying, and sharing of knowledge such as presentations on animal welfare campaigns and animal welfare concerns in Europe and across the world such as puppy smuggling.

BradyCare & EU Dog & Cat Alliance

At BradyCare, our mission is grounded in our commitment to prevent and reduce unnecessary animal suffering.

We extend our passion for compassion beyond the animals to the dedicated individuals who care for them. Together, we strengthen, support, and empower key stakeholders in animal welfare. And through our holistic approach, which encompasses the physical and mental well-being of all species, we embrace the One Health concept, creating a brighter future for all.

By being an EU Dog & Cat Alliance member, we combine our values with organisations and members in Europe to achieve positive change for people and animals.

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