When the first week of January rolls around, the magic of the holiday season has mostly wrapped up, the holiday break is over, and you need to get back to work. Your reality has shifted.

According to the NHS’s Keeping Well , “January blues” is a social term used to denote the period after the festive seasons and the decline in mood.”

A number of factors contribute to January blues such as:

  • Cold temperatures
  • Lack of daylight
  • Financial instability after Christmas
  • Going back to work after the break
  • Lack of motivation to complete your New Year Resolutions
  • Poor drinking and eating habits over the holiday break
  • Social fatigue

If you’ve ever heard of Blue Monday, then you’re likely aware of the January blues. Check out our Facebook post on Blue Monday to learn more about it, by clicking here!

As animal professionals, you might be acutely feeling the January blues due to:

  • Realizing you’re burned out from your work
  • You had to work during the holidays plus be there for family and friends and are exhausted
  • A rise in pet euthanasia during the holidays (read more about this here)
  • The new XL bully law in the UK (learn about DogsTrust’s helpful advice for dog owners here)



Many countries around the world have had a flurry of cold winter weather and polar vortexes. Not seeing the sky, trying to drive in snowstorms, and the stresses of people, pets, animal welfare challenges, and the fatigue of the holiday season- it’s a lot!!

So, how to help cope with the January blues?

Here are 5 ways to help you with the January blues

If you’re struggling, always seek our the help of a professional and remember that it’s okay to not be okay.

       1. Take time for self-care

However self-care looks for you, take time for yourself! All the socializing and events over the holidays can tire out even the most social butterfly.

 Make sure as you get back to work, to schedule quiet time for you, like long walks with your dog, swims, gym sessions, or even reading a book cuddled up on the couch with your cats.

If you need to, schedule self-care time in your calendar- and stick with it! As you can’t help animals if you first don’t help yourself.


 2. Plan Something That You Can Look Forward to!

If you’re feeling down, then take some time to plan something that you can look forward to! This doesn’t have to be something large like going to Thailand (I wish!)- but aim for the small things like game nights with friends. Or take yourself out for a nice meal or a movie. Perhaps you can start planning your spring garden? Planning these little things that you can look forward to will help!


3. Respect your Feelings

If you’re feeling down, that’s okay!! Listen to your feelings and give yourself the time, reflection, or professional help that you need for your mental health. If you need to, communicate to your trusted colleagues that you’re not 100% so they know to give you space or maybe reduce your workload.


4. Take it Slow

Now that the rush of the holidays are over, take it slow. Remember, everything that isn’t a priority can wait. Slow your pace of life down, how you can such as going for slow walks or taking a break from socializing. Read our Slowvember blog to learn ways that you can take things slow.


5. Take a Social Media Break

Social media can be a great tool for positive change and fostering a community. But it can also take a lot of energy and is often not realistic. If you can, go for a long walk or do something for yourself to reduce your social media usage. 

If you’re struggling with the January blues, please seek out the help of a professional and remember- it’s okay to not be okay.


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